Our Services

Thomas Transcription Services provides the highest quality Medical Transcription available to the profession by providing patient history and physicals, consultations, discharge summaries, operative reports, radiology and imaging studies, family practice, specialty clinic and sports medicine. Foreign accents are no problem, and we pride ourselves in providing the very highest quality of transcription available in the marketplace. We utilize state of the art technology by interfacing with various client networks, providing electronic transmission of documents, and catering to various software preference.

  • Hands-on management by seasoned transcriptionists
  • Acute care and clinical dictation. Excellence with operative reports, specialty medicine, various accents and dialects
  • Proven expertise with acute care
  • Experienced and committed staff that are always ready to listen
  • Consistency in quality and confidentiality
  • Flexible service to meet your specific needs
  • Toll-free access to Digital Dictation System
  • Excellent turn-around times
  • Electronic health record portal
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Various technology interfaces

    • Dictaphone
    • ExText
    • WinScribe
    • Emdat
    • DocQMent
    • InfraWare
    • Scribe MT
    • Meditech
    • Medacom
    • Chartscript
Non-medical Transcription
  • Special one-time corporate and school projects
  • Conversion from video to audio/digital
  • Workshops, seminars, dissertations
  • Investigatory, case histories, etc...
  • Books, magazine articles, etc....

Faith-Based Transcription

  • Full-staff of qualified transcriptionists proficient with the Word of God
  • Audio to book transcriptions
  • Video to transcript
  • Call-in dictation available

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